There’s been a fair amount of buzz in the blogosphere recently about the new social network, Flixster. Much of the buzz is a result of the company closing a new round of venture capital. As Read Write Web pointed out yesterday, Flixster provides users with movies, actors, photos, news, reviews, ratings, previews, quizzes, showtimes, and social networking.

The main competitor to Flixster is IMDB. Will Flixster be able to attract this crowd? I’m not sure but since yesterday Flixster has added over 100,000 users to it’s already large (over 9 million users) user base. The only thing that I see as an added benefit of Flixster over IMDB is the ability for users to create much more customized profiles than IMDB. Unfortunately for Flixster, I seriously doubt that will be enough to convert the dedicated IMDB community.