Today, Donna Bogatin, a fellow blogger decided to rip apart an article I wrote on my blog. I wrote about Facebook’s new killer feature that I had envisioned a couple months ago. She calls this my “killer scoop.” That’s funny because I had no intention of this being a big article, I just comment on what I see. Take it for what it’s worth. I think Donna may be a little frustrated because when I write about something that she perceives as “insignificant” somehow I end up getting a bunch of people linking to it. I’ll leave that one alone.

Funny thing is that I still use LinkedIn because other people request me as a contact on there. I am also, equally critical of Facebook on my blog. Donna seems to think all I do is speak wonders of the upcoming doom of all social networks outside of Facebook. She is wrong. Maybe Donna is mad that I didn’t come over to help her out at ZDNet. I already received an offer to blog there so my blogging can’t be that bad.

Honestly, I enjoy reading Donna’s blog and have yet to try to criticize her for pieces that she writes. Maybe that’s because she is a “perfect journalist.” I think her real problem is that she knows that anybody with a keyboard and a voice can become just as popular as she is. It doesn’t require an M.B.A. and M.A. from NYU as Donna holds. Merci bien Donna for being so kind. Also, it looks like I’m falling for your linkbait trap. Darn!