I was trying to come up with a great post last night and this morning for my blog but everywhere I looked, the discussion was about Facebook. Take a look at Techmeme this morning and you will see 5 separate articles about Facebook. I have to wonder how long this can last. Facebook is the current obsession of Silicon Valley and the rest of the blogosphere. I myself have taken part and contributed to the buzz with my AllFacebook blog. I haven’t seen so much buzz surrounding one single product in a long time. The iPhone is the only thing to coming close to rivaling the Facebook buzz. Robert Scoble commented on this yesterday. Apparently people have been complaining that all he talks about anymore is Facebook and iPhone. That’s because both are insanely popular topics right now. I as well wish I could have given you an insightful post today but unfortunately there is just too much buzz surrounding Facebook. Do you think the buzz is going to slow down soon?