There is a new Digg alternative that monitors the social impact of company actions. Once an article is submitted to the site, users can vote on the social impact of the actions described in the article. This is a great way for monitoring a company’s social behavior. The only feature that seemed to be missing from the site was an overall net impact for each company. You can view articles related to each company but there is no running tally of the net social impact. While such a barometer would perhaps be misleading, it would be a fun addition to the site.

This site is also a great resource for those in the PR/Communications industry for monitoring a client’s online reputation. If this site becomes popular, it could become the primary place for consumers to go check out how good or bad their favorite brands really are. While this site could very well become a popular alternative to Digg, I’m not as sure that this will be the best way to monitor an company’s online reputation as a whole. Why? Well just like Digg, I’m sure this site will develop a loyal fan base. Overtime each of the article ratings will simply be an accurate reflection of what this one community believes the social impact of any given story to be, not what society as a whole perceives the impact to be.