With the announcements of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton forming exploratory committees last week on the web, it seems as though much of the 2008 Democratic Presedential campaign is going to be played out on the web. With hundreds of thousands of bloggers covering each and every move of the candidates, it is probably a smart move by the candidates to make announcements via the web.

Two days ago, Hillary Clinton took advantage of Yahoo Answers to ask the people about health care. Hillary asked “Based on your own family’s experience, what do you think we should do to improve health care in America?” Since then there has been almost 35,000 responses and there is still 11 days left to answer.

New web technology provides a forum for candidates to interact directly with the people. This is truly great press for Yahoo Answers, further extending their lock down on the online answers market. While I don’t imagine Hillary Clinton reading 35,000 responses (and I’m sure it will be astronomically higher by the time the question ends), it is great to see candidates embracing new technology.