If you haven’t already heard, the blogosphere is buzzing about the death threats that Kathy Sierra has been receiving. The talk has grown so big that even the BBC is covering the story. I think everyone agrees that posting death threats is unacceptable behavior. Much of the discussion focuses on how Kathy is receiving these threats mostly because she is a woman. I’m not sure if that is truly the cause but I’m not quite sure why the death threat comment was allowed to be posted in the first place.

If you are going to post a death threat, please provide your name and address to speed up the process of throwing you in jail. Otherwise, please refrain from leaving nasty comments. While I post my name on the internet, I never post my address. If you are blogger running an online business and you must post your address, I would suggest using a P.O. Box for security purposes. Sorry to hear about the trouble that Kathy is experiencing.