Hugh MacLeod has declared the A-list dead based on Robert Scoble’s findings. Hugh argues that the A-list used to be the source for people looking for the cool social network to go sign up for. Is that true? Perhaps. If you want to find niche social networks you had to read sites like Techcrunch, but up until 7 months ago I learned about all social networks through word of mouth. Among bloggers I think there are still those that can determine who the “cool kids are” but since when did bloggers determine where the cool kids play? In my opinion, A-listers are people that have good ideas and are in the right place at the right time. They follow the same path as successful entrepreneurs. A-lister = Successful entrepreneur. The A-lister isn’t dead, but how long can you idolize someone? We are looking for the person who will be the next big hit, or trying to be the next big hit ourselves. In the meantime readership of the big bloggers will still remain relatively high with the occasional fluctuation. So are the A-listers dead? Nope. They just have bigger competitors to deal with (social networks, etc).