This one is pretty straightforward. If you are trying to optimize your site to a specific keyword, then you need other people that link to your site, referencing that keyword. One way of thinking about incoming links is that Google is a democratic search engine, and each link to your site acts as a vote for your site. Reverse links, pointing back to the page that linked to you also increases the value of the incoming links. There are a few key things to note (for these examples I will be optimizing for the keyword “Webpreneur”):

• The link to the page must be in the following format


• This type of linking is the most effective and simplest for the search engine to understand.

‚Ä¢ It is best if the page that is linking to you contains the same keyword as the one you are linking for. For example if the site that contains the link above has multiple occurences of the phrase “Webpreneur”, the link will weigh higher.

This article is not to suggest that you should go out and start plastering links to your site in forums and the like. The only links that are truly valuable are links that you have earned. If you have a link from an article on another site, or a friend’s blog that has a high page ranking (e.g. boosted my search results to the top), that would work well.