When I saw Compete.com listed as a Techcrunch party sponsor, I added the company’s blog to my Google Reader feed. Since then I have noticed a bunch of unique charts, popping up on their blog as well as other blogs across the blogosphere. For example, I saw the following chart in today’s Compete.com blog entry on Elmo TMX demand:

Chart of TMX Elmo Demand

I am still trying to figure out how they calculated the above demand, but I have my assumptions. Unfortunately they don’t have any explanation in their blog entry. Compete.com claims to be the Alexa.com killer, and I may have to agree with them (although they still have a major battle). Recently I have noticed Alexa.com takes forever to load. Aside from the fierce competition that is going to continue growing between the two analytics companies, I would like to learn more about how Compete.com is going to provide users with useful access to their massive amount of data. Another interesting graph monitoring the volume of traffic to the Borat MySpace webpage was posted in a previous Compete.com blog entry:

Chart of Borat's Myspace Page Traffic

Imagine if a general user, or a premium subscriber had access to such valuable information. As of now, I believe that the only premium information that Alexa sells is the full list of their top 100,000 websites. If Compete.com provided access to a wider array of information, they would definitely win the battle in addition to creating a revolution in online analytics.