For all the web marketers trying to determine how to best organize their next internet marketing campaign, launched a new metric today that ranks the top 200 sites on the web in terms of their share of attention. Ranking at the top of the Compete Attention 200 is Myspace, with a whopping 12% of internet attention. Of particular interest is the fact that Facebook ranks in at number 8.

Just earlier today, Robert Young examined whether Facebook was smart or stupid in it’s decision not to sell to Yahoo. While the Compete 200 ranking doesn’t answer Young’s question, it does emphasize the amazing stickiness of Facebook. If Facebook can effectively monetize their traffic with targeted ads based on all the personal data they hold, Facebook could end up being a monster. Think about it this way, currently Facebook ranks 34 on Alexa. If they can grow their user base significantly and become one of the top 5 sites on the web, I think they could easily overtake Myspace as the most visited site on the internet.

Either way, head on over to view the Compete Attention 200 to find out what other sites rank at the top.