Last night I was pacing back and forth contemplating my plan for world domination. While I have yet to figure out how I’m going to do it, I will surely let you know when I figure it out. One thing that I figured out during my nightly pacing was how to expand my global media empire (that is said with a sarcastic tone). While as of now I am limited to two mediocre blogs, I am looking to expand into new forms of media. What’s next you ask? Video. I think it is time to start doing coverage of events, interviews and more. Although I haven’t planned my execution strategy, it is sure to come. Why do I have such renewed vigor for blogging and alternative media? One reason is this Forbes article from yesterday which describes the imploding media industry. Red Herring, Business 2.0 and PC Magazine are only a few of the magazines that are taking a beating.

The source of the pain for larger publications is citizen journalism. While some of these journalists may be more dedicated than others, they are truly a serious thorn in old media’s side. Sites like Techcrunch,, Read/Write/Web and others are all major competition to large publications and are taking away readers. Not only are readers leaving but advertisers are running out the door as well. As the Forbes article highlights, Business 2.0 ad pages dropped 21.8% in March over the same period from a year ago and PC Magazine experienced a 38.8% drop in the same period. So just because Mike Arrington, Rafit Ali, Richard MacManus, Om Malik and others can do it, can someone else come along and do the same thing? Hell yes! That’s not to say that the majority of bloggers don’t experience a low volume of traffic, but if you pick the right niche you are sure to experience a boom in traffic. That’s when the fun starts. Late nights, non-stop networking, rinse and repeat. Becoming successful isn’t easy but who said starting your own business ever was. This is true guerrilla warfare at its best and there is still plenty of niche markets to capture.

So I have decided to enter the competitive landscape and will be releasing a few more media properties in the coming months. As you can tell from reading my blog I have ten thousand ideas but many of them I don’t have time to follow. New media though is probably the most exciting thing that I have been involved in and as such I’m going to dive in completely. There is some exciting new media ventures right around the corner. Also, I know I have been promising some exciting news. It is soon to come! How are you taking part of the new media revolution?