Yesterday I wrote about defining your objective with your blog, so I thought it would be useful to share a short case-study. I’ve launched a new site, StartupStats, which has a single objective: grow and audience of people who can purchase our StartupStats dashboard product. Stated even more succinctly: the goal is to sell a product. The product hasn’t even launched yet, but we’ll need all the marketing we can get.

We’re currently using the dashboard internally to drive some of our content, but ultimately we want to open up parts of the dashboard for free and sell access to the high-value features. The objective is not to build a site with millions of readers. Let’s be honest: the number of people who invest in early-stage ventures is pretty small. We want to go after a clear niche and build content that attracts that niche. That niche is early-stage investors.

I’ll stop there because it brings us to the topic of our next post: picking and defining your niche!