Since the launch of Panama, the web and business world have been buzzing about Yahoo. Much of the discussion revolves around whether or not Yahoo will be able to stage a turnaround. When I attended the Future of Web Apps conference last week, Bradley Horowitz from Yahoo spoke a lot about “redemption”. I’m not quite sure if Yahoo will successfully redeem itself, but they are definitely trying.

I have been reading a lot about what steps Yahoo could take to stage a turnaround. Steve Poland at Techcrunch thinks that MyBlogLog could play a vital role in Yahoo becoming a dominant player in the text ad world. Eric Jackson proposed a 9 step plan to turnaround Yahoo. At the head of his list is firing Terry Semel for a number of missteps over the past few years including failing to buy Google in 2002.

While it is easy to condemn Yahoo for their poor business performance in comparison to Google, the company is in the underdog position which could prove to be beneficial. seems to think that the launch of Panama is a great first step in the turnaround of Yahoo. Additionally, early comscore statistics regarding Panama show the system to be off to a really strong start. I guess will just have to wait to see what the future holds for Yahoo.