How cool would it be to take a random independent musician and boost them to the top of the charts by spending a measly 99 cents? That’s what Bum Rush The Charts is seeking to accomplish. They are asking that all people that read and listen to blogs and podcasts, purchase 1 song on March 22, 2007 to demonstrate the power of the blogosphere and … um … podcastosphere?

This would be a great opportunity for participants of PodCamp NYC to help demonstrate the power of podcasting and blogging. I challenge all attendees to participate.¬† Previously I wondered about what would happen if you could get an independent group to the top of the charts. I think embracing the power of the blogosphere and podcasters would be a great way to do this. This movement has also inspired me to do something new with my idle site Frusic. How cool would it be to have a network of people that band together once a month to support independent musicians in a big way by helping market them to the masses for a mere $0.99? I think it’s pretty cool. Maybe I’m going overboard by thinking that people would do this every month. Let me know … would you contribute?