Facebook audio mysteriously disappears - Eric Eldon covers how a new Audio feature that was created has disappeared from the applications list. My thoughts? Facebook will be launching a new music feature and has other partners that are heavily invested in launching the new feature. As of now adding music to your profile doesn’t seem to work properly, and I have a feeling that this app will get removed.

The Flexible Entrepreneurial Mind - Noah Kagan covers the importance of being able to continue learning throughout life. Best part of the article is the first line: “Einstein was a retard as a child.”

Jangl Tailors VOIP for Social Networks - Great Techcrunch article about the new Jangl service. Jangl enables users to anonymously contact each other. All you need to know is their email address. Pretty slick.

Overview of the Identity Landscape - Great article covering identity on the net. The image at the top of the page says it all. Here is online identity summed up. Pretty simple right?

I thought I would include an entertaining Dimitri Martin Video with my links.