“How can I write about that, I know nothing about it?”

That’s the top question people ask when they set out on their blogging journey. You may feel that you have nothing to say, nothing to write, and have a lack of expertise on a subject. That’s the wrong way of viewing things. Take your readers on an educational journey.

The world of experts

In the past week alone I’ve had multiple people reach out who expressed how blogging changed their lives. They were now appearing on television shows, in magazines, the newspaper and more. They now had far more clients and were hungry for more. Experts are never desperate for work (and never unemployed) but how does one get there?

Sharing your knowledge

One of the most exciting aspects of life is that we learn something new every day. Most people take this knowledge and internalize it, leaving nothing left for others. Instead, each time you learn something new, share it with the world! After you pick a topic you can begin to share every thought, observation, and lesson learned on your subject.

Not only do you end up educating others but they start coming to you for information on your given subject. The result: you’re now the expert!

It can start now

Seriously. All you need to do is pick a topic and start exploring it. Each new lesson you learn, each new observation, don’t think twice about it: write it down. Then just click publish. See you on the other end!