In chatting with a friend this weekend I realized how significant the fear of asking for money is for some people. Personally, I used to do door-to-door sales, so I built a tolerance for rejection. However it turns out that without practicing asking for something (literally anything), your fear of doing so will increase over time (I know it has for me).

The ultimate test for any entrepreneur is this: will someone give you money for what you’re offering? Even if you want to give away your product for free, try to go out and convince at least one person to pay you for what you are offering. If they give you money, you know you are providing value.

I’ve made the mistake of living in my head rather than getting out and talking to potential customers. Talking to the customer is only step one though. Step to is getting them to give you money. It can be an incredibly liberating experience. It also happens to be a skill/habit that all entrepreneurs need to master.