The iPhone launches tomorrow and people are going to be rushing to get their hands on one. Apparently there is a huge demand for the phone which will run $499 plus a $59.99 a month plan through AT&T Wireless. The phone is definitely a costly item. I recently decided to go ahead and buy the Blackberry Curve rather than waiting for the iPhone because I was highly skeptical of the iPhone keyboard. To counter the buzz that had been circulating about a non-friendly keyboard, Apple released a video yesterday demonstrating the keyboard functionality. I watched the video and I have to say that I’m still a little skeptical. Conversely, I can’t argue that I can type 80 words per minute on my Blackberry Curve. Someone should release a typing speed test for the Blackberry. Anyone know of one? If you plan on getting your own iPhone chances are you are going to have to wait in long lines given that people are camping out, even the employees. Tomorrow will be a big day for iPhone fans worldwide. Will you be getting one?