As I sit here waiting for a video interview to upload I began wondering about whether or not everybody and anybody is fit to be an entrepreneur. Most people would react harshly saying that it would be foolish to suggest that anybody can be an entrepreneur. Let’s be honest though and explore this question a little more. As far as I am concerned, the number one difference between an entrepreneur and an employed individual is the entrepreneur’s choice to no longer work for someone else. Granted, there are prerequisites to successfully entering entrepreneurship.

One of the primary prerequisites for becoming an entrepreneur is sufficient demand and a cash cushion that you can tap to support yourself for a period of time. Additionally, if you have children and/or are married it will be much more difficult to pull it off but it is still possible. Many of the people that I surround myself with are entrepreneurial individuals. Some of them are more successful than others but ultimately one person after another that I know has decided to start working for themself. This has forced me to question whether or not anybody can do it. I don’t think that everybody wants to be an entrepreneur as most people are risk-adverse.

Given the right circumstance though, I think the majority of individuals would quit their job to go work for themself full-time. Entrepreneurship is ultimately a human desire that most people share. While I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a need that fits within Maslow’s hierarchy, I do believe that we are born with the entrepreneurial gene inside of us. At some point in our lives we either dismiss or embrace our entrepreneurial desires. Most people dismiss it but a little piece of their entrepreneurial desires will always remain and can be tapped at any point during their life.

I know this haven’t embraced scientific methodology to support my hypothesis but hey, I don’t need science to express something that I feel. Do you think we are all naturally entrepreneurial? Is it something that some of us are born with or is it something that we try to supress as we get older and acquire new responsibilities?