Today I launched a new blog at It is the new unofficial Facebook blog. I will be covering the release of new applications as well as news related to Facebook and analysis. Also I will be featuring individual’s stories of their interaction with Facebook. If you would like to contribute to the blog please feel free to email me or emails our submission address allfacebook [at] I am currently looking for bloggers that would like to contribute to the blog so please get in touch if you would like to write for us.

Why did I launch the blog? Well if you have been reading this blog recently, I have written at least 5 things in the past week related to Facebook. Facebook has just transformed the business of web applications and online marketing and there is plenty to write about it. So head on over to the site to read more.

In addition to launching the blog I am offering new Facebook application development services through my company, Capital Interactive. If your company is in need of coming up with a strategy for launching a branding campaign through Facebook and social media channels in general then please get in touch with me at nick [at] We will be providing a complete service for helping you make a significant online presence.