I never participate in memes and you probably won’t see me participate in another one anytime soon, but I got tagged by Crystal Coast Tech so I figured why not? I’m sure my close friends and family know these things about me. Either way I’ll be brief.

  • I have been an owner and executive in 3 (so far unsuccesful) startups prior to graduating college, and am now an owner of a forth (Capital Interactive). My previous companies were Frusic (initally called Musical Revolution), UniversitySwap (a site that finds you the cheapest price for books online; It was a team effort with my friend Jesse Thomas), and Rio (a brand of Brazilian Cachaca, which is a distilled spirit, that my friend and I were trying to introduce into the United States).
  • I ran for school Treasurer in elementary school (I believe in 3rd or 4th grade) and lost. I never ran for an office in school again. (Don’t consider me a quitter, just consider me someone that knows what they aren’t good at. Politics is one of those things I’m not.)
  • I taught myself how to play the guitar and have been playing for 4 years, although I quit practicing frequently after the first year so my skill level has not progressed much. Luckily, I became at least average by the end of my first year of playing and can now play a fair number of songs.
  • I once saved a 350 pound woman who was drowning in my pool while I was lifeguarding. After her friends pulled her out of the pool I ran over and began giving her stomach thrusts, hoping that I wouldn’t have to give her mouth to mouth without a mouth guard. Luckily, after giving more thrusts then I was supposed to according to my CPR training, I succeeded at getting her to cough up the water she was choking on. I was then yelled at by the friends and family of the woman for not responding fast enough.
  • I totaled my mom’s car when I was in high school for failure to yield the right of way. The accident was a result of failing to yield the right of way to someone who was going 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. I am not bitter about this incident.