No matter how many posts there are on the web about tips for becoming more productive, last Friday I experienced a totally unproductive day. These days happen and I think we should just accept them as they come and bask in the glory of doing nowhere near the amount of work we need to get done. So what things can you do to make sure that you experience a totally unproductive day? Here are 10 things that I suggest doing:

  1. Create a blog - If you are an avid blogger than blogging will make its way into most aspects of your life. There are number of things that will become impacted but ultimately you will constantly be looking for the next post in addition to analyzing how each post impacts your overall traffic. So take a break every once in a while and check how many visitors are coming to your blog. This will surely contribute to an unproductive day.
  2. Check your blackberry every time the light starts blinking - People want to get in touch with you, so you got a blackberry to make it easier for them. Place the blackberry on your desk with the top facing you so you can see the notification light every time you get a new message. Every few minutes take a look to see if you have a new email. If you do, you have to read it right then because every message you get is urgent. You are a very important person so people have important things to tell you. Lift up that blackberry, read the message, and then don’t respond right now because you have other things to do such as ….
  3. Stay up to date on breaking news - On unproductive days it is your duty to know what is going on in the world at all times. In this state you will realize that not even updates their site as often as you would imagine. If you want a couple sites to waste some time at check out Techmeme and OriginalSignal.
  4. Glance at emails but answer them later - Seriously, I know you see those emails, but do they really need to be answered right now? You have more important things to do such as keeping up to date on the news.
  5. Answer your phone when friends call - It’s Friday and it’s time to go out. Most likely your friends will be calling you.
  6. Respond to your friend’s and family’s urgent IMs - Not only will your friends try to contact you by phone but they’ll also pop up on your computer. So when those urgent messages such as “What’s going on?” and “Hey!” start popping up, you better answer them immediately.
  7. Multitask - You have a ton of things on your plate? Here’s the solution: accomplish everything at once. That’s right. If you try doing everything at once you will surely get things done sooner.
  8. Run a personal errand - You start walking into your office and realize that you forgot to mail something. That envelope is an urgent matter so hop to it and get it mailed, your professional life can wait, trust me!
  9. Eat lunch outside - Most people that I work with eat at their desks as though there is something that needs to get done. That’s for losers. Go take a stroll outside with your favorite co-workers and chat it up. It’s a beautiful day so enjoy it!
  10. Play a game - So you just found a really cool game on the web? Play it for a few minutes to give it a trial. You need to make sure that it’s worth playing when you get home. If you don’t know of any good games to play try these out: Bible Fight Game and Desktop Tower Defense.

When you get done with work for the day, give yourself a pat on the back because you have done practically nothing. You have successfully lived a day in the life of a slacker. Doesn’t it feel great?